Air Conditioner Repair

AC Service and Repair in Denver

When an air conditioner is not operating properly it will have to be diagnosed by one of our service technicians to determine the problem, in some cases the problem is minor, others require parts, refrigerant and sometimes you may need a new air conditioner replacement and installation.

Denver’s hot spells make home air conditioning a highly valued amenity. If your household includes infants, elderly, and seriously ill individuals, air conditioning is often a necessity. Don’t wait for a breakdown. Our AC service and repair technicians will perform the manufacturer’s recommended routine and preventative maintenance on your air conditioner. We recommend that your air conditioner be inspected each year, usually a month or two before you will be using it. You will have peace of mind that your air conditioner will perform at maximum efficiency throughout the summer season in Denver, CO.

Even so, you should be alert for problems that can become major if not attended to:

  • Strange smells coming from the air conditioning unit or system
  • Filters that are dirty or clogged and need cleaning
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit
  • Insufficient cool air delivered by the unit
  • Oil leaks from the unit, usually a thick blackish-brown liquid

We recommend that you start with our free trip & diagnostic (with air conditioning repairs or pay only $60 without repairs available between 8am – 4pm M-F).
This gets a technician to your house to determine the problem. Light commercial service available, call for rates.

After hours AC service and repairs 4pm – 8pm or weekends/holidays is available with a minimum $175.00 service charge plus parts and repairs.

Once the service tech determines the problem you will receive a flat rate quote for the air conditioning repairs.

If you don’t want the repairs made you pay only the applicable trip & diagnostic fee.

Senior Citizen customers 65 and over can request a 10% discount on repair parts.

Air Conditioning Repair Denver

Below are some flat rate prices for typical air conditioning repairs to residential air conditioners in Denver homes.

These prices are for residential standard parts and repairs. OEM, commercial and special order parts may cost more and sometimes require shipping charges. The service technician will provide you with a firm quote.

$99.00 / $175.00
AC Service and Repair

Simple Repairs

(no parts required)

When a diagnostic reveals a simple problem and no parts are required, for example loose wires, plugged filters etc.

Air conditioning repair prices are based on business hours at $99 and after hours at $175

$325 Both Coils
AC Service Denver

Airflow Restriction Repairs (Coils)

AC’s have indoor and outdoor coils that can become plugged overtime, this will reduce the air flow through the vents and drastically affect the efficiency and capacity.

$325 All Models
AC Repair Denver

Capacitor Replacement

These are devices that work with a compressor and motor in the condensing unit outside, they can fail due to age and most commonly fail after a lightning storm.  They are rated in MFD and will have to be matched.

From $280
AC Service and Repair Denver

Refrigerant (freon) Recharge

All ac’s require refrigerant, the refrigerant does not wear out but can leak, some leaks are minor and may require adding a small amount to the existing charge. Large leaks should be repaired as the system can be ruined plus refrigerant is expensive. Older air conditioners use R22 refrigerant which is being phased out and has become very expensive, newer systems use R410A refrigerant.

AC service and repairs requiring up to 2 lbs. of R22 refrigerant $570.00
AC service and repairs requiring up to 2 lbs. of R410A refrigerant $280.00

Systems that have lost more than 2 lb. of freon within a year have a major leak that will have to be located and repaired.  This will require a recovery of the remaining refrigerant, the system will be pressurized with nitrogen to locate and repair the leak, the system will be evacuated (cleaned) and recharged.

AC leak repair and R22 refrigerant recharge $1150.00
AC leak repair and R410A refrigerant recharge $825.00

$725 All 120V Motors*
Air Conditioning Service Denver

Condensor Motor Replacement

*$1150 Variable Speed Motors

This motor circulates air through the condensing unit outside, it requires matching specifications such as horsepower, electrical ratings and mounting design.

Air Conditioning Repair Denver

Hard Start Kits

These devices are used for compressors that fail to start, they will start some compressors but others may need to be replaced.

$250 Most Models
Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Contractor Replacement

This is the control to start and stop the condenser unit. An air conditioning repair can include replacing the contacts, as they wear our over time.

$325 Part Replacement Only
Denver AC Repair

Transformer Replacements

Wiring repairs on air conditioning units will be additional when required.

This is a device that produces the low voltage for most controls, it will typically burn out due to electrical shorts.

$220 Fuse Replacement Only
AC Service and Repair Denver

Blown High Voltage Fuses

Wiring repairs or bad parts will be additional when required.

Fuses monitor over amping, they can blow due to age but most of the time there may be electrical shorts or mechanical failure such as a bad compressor or condenser fan in your condensing unit outside.

Other Repairs

There are other failures that may require additional air conditioning repairs not listed here, our Denver technicians will quote a fair flat rate price following our company guidelines.  You have the option to accept the repair quote or to pay only the diagnostic fee.

What to Check if Your AC Is Not Working Properly

If your AC is not working at all, first check that it is getting power. A tripped fuse or switch is easy to repair by opening your electrical panel and finding the AC switch. It will be 240 volts. If it is off, simply switch it back on. If the switch does not trip again, you do not have a problem. Next check the thermostat. It should be set to “cool” and the temperature should be set at 3 degrees lower than the reported air temperature. Make sure the thermostat batteries do not need replacing. Check the switch in the furnace or air handler and in the outdoor compressor. In a metal box mounted by the compressor, there is usually a disconnect switch. Make sure that it is on.

If your AC is working, but not cooling the house as well as it did previously, do the following:

  • Check windows and doors. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one of the top air conditioning problems is open windows and outside doors. Even a crack in door and window openings can make a difference in your air conditioner’s capacity to cool your house. Also, if you are experiencing an unusual amount of door traffic, wait until the door is closed for an hour before deciding if you have a problem.
  • Remove brush and debris from an outside unit and surrounding area as this will interfere with air intake and can slow your system.
  • Check the condenser coil and the surrounding area of an outdoor unit. Dirty coils interfere with the transfer of heat and make your unit work harder and wear out faster.
  • Install a programmable thermostat, which saves energy and is more accurate.
  • Inspect filters and replace dirty ones.
  • Check ducts for rips and tears and have them repaired.
  • Check drainage lines. Water leaks can damage your home as well as your air conditioning system.
  • Check the refrigerant level. If there is ice buildup on the copper lines or evaporator coil, you probably have a leak. A qualified HVAC and home services expert needs to look at it. Some leaks can be repaired and more refrigerant added. However, if there are multiple leaks a new unit may be needed.

Quality Air Conditioning Repair and Service

At Denver, CO based Rabbit Heating, we value your time. Our expert technicians will make a timely visit to inspect your air conditioning system, recommend repairs, replacements or a system cleaning, provide a detailed cost list for your approval, and do the work when it is most convenient for you.

Whether you need a new air conditioner or a repair on your existing unit, Rabbit Heating is a licensed, insured A+ BBB member serving the Denver area. Please contact us with your questions and concerns. We have qualified and experienced technicians in Denver, CO that are ready to serve you with individualized solutions and complete your request. We are happy to offer our senior customers (65 and older) a 10 percent discount on repair parts. Call us today to learn more about our heating and air conditioning services in Denver and schedule an appointment. We serve Denver and surrounding areas including Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Arvada, Littleton, Arvada, Centennial and more!

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Manufactures recommend that you have your HVAC equipment installed by a quality professional and serviced annually to insure safe and proper operation.