Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair and Service

Boilers keep your home comfortable by providing hot water to heat your space. If the boiler isn’t operating properly, your home’s temperature can drop. Eventually, a malfunctioning boiler will fail altogether. Call our HVAC service and repair team at Rabbit Heating & Air of Denver to determine the problem, in some cases the problem is minor, others require replacement parts and sometimes you made need an entire gas boiler replacement.

We recommend that you start with our Free trip & diagnostic (with boiler repair and service or pay only $60 without repairs available in Denver between 8am – 4pm M-F).
This gets a technician to your house to determine the problem. Light commercial services are available, call for rates.

After hours service 4pm – 8pm or weekends/holidays is available in Denver, CO and surrounding areas with a minimum $175.00 service charge plus parts and repairs.

Once the service tech determines the problem you will receive a flat rate quote for the boiler repairs and service.

If you don’t want the repairs made you pay only the applicable trip & diagnostic fee.

If you are a senior citizen customer 65 and over in Denver, CO you can request a 10% discount on repair parts.

Boiler Repair and Service Denver

When is it time to call in a boiler repair technician?

The first sign of problems you may notice is that your home’s temperature isn’t what it should be. But if you keep adjusting the thermostat and grabbing another layer, check for more signs of developing problems. If your boiler smells like sulfur, or rotten eggs, call a technician immediately. Other common signs of malfunction include:
• loud hissing noises,
• low fuel efficiency, or
• a pilot light that keeps going out.

The sooner you call a professional technician, the better, saving you both money and discomfort.

Below are some flat rate prices for typical residential boiler repairs and service for Denver, CO residents.

These prices are for residential standard parts and repairs. OEM, commercial and special-order parts may cost more and sometimes require shipping charges. Our technician experts will provide you with a firm quote for the services.

$99.00 / $175.00
Boiler Repair

Simple Repairs

(no parts required)

When a diagnostic reveals a simple problem and no parts are required, for example dirty flame sensors, loose wires etc.

Prices are based on business hours at $99 and after hours at $175.

Gas Boiler Replacement

Limit Replacement

This is a safety that monitors over-heating, specific temperature settings are required.

$275.00 / $325.00
Gas Boiler Replacement Denver

Pressure Switch Replacement

This is a safety that monitors restrictions in the exhaust, settings must match manufacturer specifications.

Boiler repair and service prices are based on single stage at $275 and two stage at $325.

$250.00 / $325.00
Boiler Repair and Service

Ignitor Replacement

This device ignites the burner. There are many types of ignitors, each furnace requires a specific model.

Prices are based on standard models at $250 and silicone & carbide models at $325.

$625.00 / $725.00
Boiler Repair Denver

Inducer Motor Replacement

This device exhausts the fumes to the outdoors. If it fails nothing else should operate.

Prices are based on single stage at $625 and two stage at $725.

$850 Most Models
Boiler Service Denver

Aquastat Replacement

This is the control center and requires a direct replacement with specific settings, often rewiring is required.

$625.00 / $670.00 / $650.00
Gas Boiler Repair

Gas Valve Replacement

This controls the flow of gas to the main burner, it requires matching specifications and opening the gas line.

Prices are based on single stage at $625, two stage at $670, and standing pilot at $650.

$585.00 #30 Tank
plumber who carries out the maintenance of a condensing boiler

Extrol Tank Replacement

This tank provides expansion for the internal pressure in the boiler, the diaphragm can rupture due to age or internal boiler problems.

$175.00 / $225.00
repair electric boiler Denver

Thermostat Replacement

We carry programmable and non-programmable thermostats, programmable thermostats are a great way save energy as you can program them according to your schedule.

Prices are based on Pro 3000 non-programmable at $175 and Pro 4000 programmable at $225 (Includes installation).

$325.00 part replacement only
Transformer replacement

Transformer Replacement

This is a device that produces the low voltage for most controls, it will typically burn out due to electrical shorts.

Wiring repairs will be additional when required.

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Coupler Replacement

This is a coupler that connects the pump and motor, most commonly used on B&G pump/motors, typically breaks due to wear.

Female Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler

Zone Valve Replacement

This is a valve that controls the flow of water to individual areas that are zoned and controlled by a thermostat.

plumber at work installing a circulation pump

Air Vent Valve Replacement

This is a automatic air bleed valve, it will help keep air out of your boiler water pipes that can enter from the city water supply.

maintenance engineer checking technical data of heating system e

Feed Valve Regulator Replacement

This is a water regulator that maintains a constant pressure to the boiler, they will commonly get stuck due to corrosion.

$780.00 / $1275.00
Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

Pump and Motor Replacement

Potable pumps not included.

This is a pump/motor that moves the water through the boiler system, there are many manufactures but the most common are Taco and B&G (Bell & Gossett).

Prices are based on Taco at $780 and B&G at $1275.

Common repairs to keep your boiler running:

Our boiler repair technicians in Denver, Colorado can quickly inspect your appliance for common problems and make quick repairs. They can troubleshoot the symptoms you’ve noticed, such as of lack of heat and loud noises, and install the correct replacement parts. They can also remove hard water buildup, which causes kettling, and troubleshoot a faulty pilot light in boiler systems.

Preventative maintenance also goes a long way in keeping your boiler in great condition. This maintenance includes:

  • cleaning debris to prevent blocking,
  • testing the valves and detection devices, and
  • adding lubricants.

Contact our team about regular repairs and preventative maintenance to make your boiler last years longer.

Call the Experts at Rabbit Heating

Boiler problems start out small, but they grow quickly. If you contact a professional technician at the first sign of a malfunction, you can save on repairs. Rabbit Heating & Air can inspect your boiler quickly, give you an estimate and get the job done in a timely fashion. Our trained technicians provide the best furnace and boiler replacement and can tune up your furnace for the coming season. Whether you need an inspection or emergency repairs, contact Rabbit Air & Heating at (303) 227-9284 for the best HVAC services in Denver, Colorado.

Other Repairs

There are other failures that may require repairs not listed here, our technician will quote a fair flat rate price following our company guidelines.  You have the option to accept the repair quote or to pay only the diagnostic fee.

Need to speak with a technician?

Manufactures recommend that you have your HVAC equipment installed by a quality Denver professional and serviced annually to insure safe and proper operation.