Furnace/Boiler Repair

Best Furnace Repair in Denver and Thornton

Below are some average flat rate prices for typical repairs to residential furnaces and boilers.

These prices are for residential standard parts and repairs for furnaces in Thornton and Denver, CO. OEM, commercial and special order parts may cost more and sometimes require shipping charges. Our expert service technician will determine the problem and provide a firm quote for the furnace or boiler repair needed.

Furnace Certification and Cleaning

Basic Furnace Repair 

This service covers most minor repairs that don’t require replacement parts or more than 30 minutes to complete the service.

Regular hours average cost $149
After-Hours average cost $250

Limit Switch

Safety Limit Replacement

This service replaces a faulty high temperature safety limit switch.

Average cost $425
(most models)

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch Replacement

This service replaces a failing safety pressure switch.  

Average cost $450
(most models)


Igniter Replacement

This service replaces a bad or weak igniter.

Average Cost $485 – $585
(most models)

inducer motor

Inducer Motor Replacement.

This service replaces a faulty Inducer Motor including the required gaskets.  OEM parts required on most models.

Average Cost $1050 – $1485
(most models)

Control Board

Control Board Replacement

This service replaces a faulty control board including re-wiring if necessary.

Average Cost $950 – $1450
(most models)

Gas Valve

Gas Valve Replacement

This service replaces a faulty main gas valve including piping and testing for gas leaks at the furnace. 

Average Cost $950 – $1275
(most models)

Blower motor

Blower Motor Replacement

This service replaces a bad blower motor including any required wiring hardware.

120v motors $1025
ECM motors $1475
Variable speed motors $2075


Thermostat Replacement

This service replaces a faulty standard thermostat with a standard programmable or non-programmable model, ask our technician about Wi-Fi models. 

Programmable models $475
Non-Programmable models $425

Transformer 2

Transformer Replacement

This service replaces a bad step down transformer.  Damaged wiring & electrical repairs cost extra if required.  

Average Cost $685
(Wiring & electrical repairs extra)


Furnace Cleaning

 A dirty furnace can cause mechanical failures, sometimes it requires a basic cleaning and sometimes a deep cleaning is needed to breakdown components.

Basic Cleaning $179
Deep Cleaning $625-$1150

Air Conditioning Service Denver

Furnace Certification

This service provides a thorough furnace inspection including a carbon monoxide and gas test to determine if it will certify as safe and operational.   

Certifiable Furnace- no repairs required $285
Failed Certification $185

Boiler Expansion Tank

Boiler Expansion Tank Replacement

This service replaces a faulty boiler expansion  tank.  Including purging the boiler system.

Average Cost $1325
(Most residential models)

Boiler Pump

Boiler Pump & Motor Replacement

This service replaces a faulty boiler pump and motor including purging the boiler system. 

Average Cost $1350-$2350
(Brass models cost more)

Boiler water regulator

Boiler Water Regulator Replacement

This service replaces a faulty boiler water feed valve regulator including purging the boiler system.  

Average Cost $1225
(Most residential models)

Boiler Aquastat

Boiler Aquastat Replacement

This service replaces a faulty boiler aquastat control including rewiring and calibrating.

Average Cost $1425-$1785
(Most residential models)

Boiler Zone Valve

Boiler Zone Valve Replacement

This service replaces a faulty zone valve including wiring and purging the boiler system. 

Average Cost $825
(Repiping extra)

Boiler Air Vent

Boiler Air Vent Replacement

This service replaces a faulty boiler air vent including purging the boiler system.  

Average Cost $585
(Most residential models)

Other Repairs

There are other furnace or boiler failures that may require repairs not listed here. Our professionals will quote a fair flat rate price following our company guidelines. You have the option to accept the system repair quote or to pay only the trip & diagnostic fee.

 10% Senior Discount  
 On Parts Replacement  
 Ask for Details  

For homeowners in the Denver area, a reliable home heating system is a necessity. Your furnace or boiler provides the needed heat during blistering cold winter months to make your home habitable. If your heating system breaks it could cause a stressful situation. Many problems can result without a proper heater such as, plumbing pipes that will freeze and break resulting in costly repairs for your furnace. HVAC systems are mechanical and require regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure your family’s warmth and comfort. Over time your gas furnace or gas boiler can become unsafe and unreliable. It is important to schedule regular furnace service and repair appointments if you live in Thornton or Denver, CO to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency.

When a furnace or boiler is not operating properly it will have to be diagnosed by one of our service technicians to determine the problem, in some cases the problem is minor, others require replacement parts and sometimes you may need an entire furnace replacement.

We recommend that you start with our free trip & diagnostic (with furnace or boiler repairs or pay only $60 without repairs available between 8am – 4pm M-F).
This gets a technician to your house to determine the problem. Light commercial service available, call for rates.

After hours furnace service and repairs 4pm – 8pm or weekends/holidays is available with a minimum $175.00 service charge plus parts and repairs.


Once the service tech determines the problem you will receive a flat rate quote for the air conditioning repairs.

If you don’t want the repairs made you pay only the applicable trip & diagnostic fee.

Senior Citizen customers 65 and over can request a 10% discount on repair parts.

Furnace repair

Denver Furnace repair

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace is a workhorse, you put a lot of miles on it in one year. You use it during the winter to heat, filtrate and humidify the air in your home. The furnace blower and other furnace parts also operate when you use your central air conditioner in the summer. It is very important to have your gas boiler or gas furnace serviced and repaired annually by a professional heating company if you live in the Denver Metro area or Thornton. An annual basic furnace or boiler safety inspection and cleaning is recommended. This service helps to insure your family’s safety by having a professional furnace technician test the gas furnace or gas boiler for hazardous carbon monoxide. The heating technician will also inspect the furnace for any conditions or components that may need attention in order to try to avoid a heating failure.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, once your furnace or boiler breaks it will have to be diagnosed and repaired by an HVAC service technician in Denver and Thornton. Even worse your heating system may fail during after-hours which will require a costlier emergency service call. Most heating emergency service calls turn out to be simple repairs that could have been resolved during a routine furnace maintenance or boiler safety inspection and cleaning avoiding the inconvenience and expense of the after-hours emergency furnace repair in Denver and Thornton, CO.

Rabbit Heating & Air, LLP is a leading residential and commercial heating and air conditioning specialist providing the best furnace service and repair in Denver and Thornton, CO.  We are licensed and insured in most cities including Thornton and the entire Denver Metro Area.  We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating since 1999.  We are NATE and EPA certified, our service is backed with our

Denver Furnace Repair From Trusted Professionals

Rabbit Heating & Air has years of experience maintaining HVAC systems across Denver and Thornton! We’ve built our reputation on a commitment to customer satisfaction while offering fair prices on both parts and labor. Whether you only need minor repairs or extensive rebuilds, we’ll always be your go-to source for highly professional furnace repair.

We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured so you can trust your property to us. We’re certified through both NATE and the EPA, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We know that there are a lot of questionable HVAC companies out there, so we go out of our way to guarantee your complete satisfaction – the first time!


Need Your Furnace Repaired FAST? Just Call The Rabbit!

We know you can’t be without heat for days, particularly in the winter. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services, and same-day response in most cases. We always strive to provide same-day furnace repair whenever possible, so that you can get back to enjoying your life with all the heat you need.

We keep an extensive supply of spare parts and components from Lennox and other major brands, specifically so that we don’t have to wait for parts to be delivered. No matter what type of furnace you have, we’ll be on-site ASAP to provide the best in Denver-area furnace repair services!


Don’t Wait For Problems – Yearly Maintenance Keeps Your Furnace Burning Proudly

The cheapest furnace repairs are the repairs you don’t make. That’s why we encourage people across Denver and Thornton to have yearly maintenance checkups on their furnaces in the fall.

The most common time for furnace problems is when first starting it up at the end of the year. After months of disuse, there was plenty of time for things to go wrong, or for unwanted elements to make their way into your furnace. Rabbit is always here to give your furnace a full inspection, clean it out, and then fire it up to make sure everything is running properly.

A yearly furnace maintenance checkup is highly affordable, and typically only takes an hour or two. That’s usually all you need to guarantee you have reliable heat all winter. Or, if there is something wrong, we can take care of small issues before they turn into big (and expensive) problems.


Signs You Need Furnace Repair In Denver And Thornton

Some furnace problems are obvious, but others can be subtle. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to call in repair professionals, here are some of the biggest signs.

You probably need furnace repair if:

  • There isn’t enough hot air. If the flow of air coming from your vents is low, or only lukewarm, that points towards serious problems with your furnace or its fan. Don’t wait, the problem will only get worse.
  • Strange smells. The first time you turn on your furnace in the fall, there are likely to be strange smells as it burns off the dust which has accumulated over the summer months. After that, however, the air coming from your vents should be reasonably odor-free. Strange smells are a sign of trouble.
  • Frequent loss of the pilot light. Gas-based furnaces rely on a pilot light to start, and that pilot light can occasionally go out. However, this should be rare. If your pilot light is constantly blowing out, that suggests problems with the gas line or airflow.
  • Uneven heating. Are some rooms in your house far warmer than others? That should be investigated! There might be an issue in your ductwork, or your current furnace may be struggling to provide enough hot air to fill the house.
  • Gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Always be aware of the possibility of leaks! Natural gas is treated with sulfur, so it has a distinct odor. Carbon monoxide can be detected with an inexpensive detector, which we highly recommend setting up near your furnace. If there are signs of either leaking, shut down the furnace and call for repairs immediately.
  • Metallic sounds. Your furnace should be reasonably quiet, typically just the sound of the fan and possibly the burner blowing. If you start hearing metalling scraping, knocking, banging, or grinding, those are all signs of serious mechanical problems in the unit. Don’t let it keep running; every noise is causing more damage.
  • Unexpected energy bill increases. Are you suddenly using more energy this winter than in previous winters, with no apparent cause? This could suggest an issue with your furnace, particularly if you’ve noticed any other issues with it or the quality of heating in your home. 


Denver Trusts Rabbit Heating & Air With Their HVAC Systems

Our years in business and long list of satisfied customers demonstrate our skill! We are here to provide the best in heating, cooling, and air-purifying systems. We proudly partner with Lennox for new hardware, while providing support for all brands and models of heaters commonly in use in Denver. From standard gas furnaces to new heat pump models, we have the experience and the expertise to keep you toasty warm all winter!

If you’re having issues with your furnace, don’t suffer in the cold. Call in the Rabbit for top-quality furnace repair in Denver!

Need to speak with a technician?

Manufactures recommend that you have your HVAC equipment installed by a quality professional and serviced annually to insure safe and proper operation.