Water Heater Repair

Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Denver

When a water heater is not operating properly it will have to be diagnosed by one of our service technicians to determine the problem, in some cases the problem is minor, others require replacement parts and sometimes the water heater may need to be replaced.

A water heater leak could prove to be one of the most devastating appliance failures you may face as a homeowner.  Carpeting can be soaked and ruined, belongings can be destroyed, and mold, which is costly to remove, can grow on walls, floors, and carpets. The lack of hot water will reduce your quality of life until the water heater is repaired or replaced.  Although water heaters typically last between eight and ten years (six to eight years for gas-powered water heaters), you should be on the lookout for the following signs that your water heater needs to be looked at by a professional like us in Denver:

  • corrosion and/or rusty water, pipes, and valves
  • rumbling noises from the heater, often due to sediment buildup
  • water around the heater from leaks in the tanks or fittings
  • water does not get hot enough or as hot as it used to
  • broken heating element
  • you run out of hot water too soon for your family’s needs

We recommend that you start with our Free trip & diagnostic (with repairs or pay only $60 without repairs available between 8am – 4pm M-F).
This gets a technician to your house to determine the problem. Light commercial service available, call for rates.

After hours service 4pm – 8pm or weekends/holidays is available with a minimum $175.00 service charge plus parts and repairs.


Once the service tech determines the problem you will receive a flat rate quote for the water heater repairs.

If you don’t want the repairs made you pay only the applicable trip & diagnostic fee.

Senior Citizen customers 65 and over can request a 10% discount on repair parts.

Water Heater Repair Denver

An annual water heater inspection is good insurance that problems will be caught before the entire heating system fails. Many problems are easily fixed for under $200 such as replacing temperature and pressure release valves, thermocouple replacement, pilot hole clean out, and drain valve replacement. The professionals at Rabbit Heating & Air in Denver, CO will test and evaluate the hot water heater and all pipes and valves, so you can decide if maintenance is more cost effective than replacing the heater, particularly if the hot water heater is not nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

Below are some flat rate prices for typical repairs to residential water heaters in Denver.

These prices are for residential standard parts and repairs in Denver. OEM, commercial and special order parts may cost more and sometimes require shipping charges. The service technician will provide you with a firm quote.

Hot Water Heater Replacement Denver

Standard residential water heaters generally are good for 8 to 10 years, around this age the tank will corrode and burst, older water heaters should be replaced as it may not be cost efficient to repair them. View our water heater replacement prices in Denver.

The residential repair examples below don’t include the applicable trip and diagnostic fee.

  • Temperature/pressure release valve replacement $175.00
  • Thermocouple replacement and burner/pilot orifice clean out $180.00
  • Drain valve replacement $150.00
  • Gas control module $475.00
  • Plumbing leak repairs vary.

Our technicians are available during normal business hours and 24/7 for emergency services. We offer a free trip and diagnosis plus a flat rate quote for the job. If you need to install a new water heater, your technician will help you select the right one for your household size, budget, and other concerns. As families grow, the need for hot water increases, so usage is an important consideration in selecting a new unit.

At Rabbit Heating & Air, we are licensed and insured for all HVAC services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. We offer special financing options and often run ongoing rebates and offers to provide you the best value for our service. Contact us today for all your water heater service needs and pricing information. We look forward to serving you.

The Most Common Water Heaters In Denver

Rabbit Heating & Air is comfortable working with every type of water heater typically found in the Denver area. The two most common types are:

Tanked water heaters

These traditional units are still found in millions of homes across the greater Denver area. Tanked water heaters simply store a large amount of water, which is kept hot through semi-constant heating, so that it’s always available on demand. They can be heated using gas, propane, or electricity, and store large amounts of water. However, their energy costs can be relatively high, given how much heat they generate.

Tankless water heaters

This new option is gaining popularity across Denver, particularly in smaller homes and rental units. Rather than storing hot water, they use highly-efficient systems to quickly flash-heat water on demand. This can result in huge energy savings, compared to tanked water heaters, although they can struggle to supply all the water needed for larger homes. They can also be excellent as a secondary source of hot water, such as for cooking.


Water Heater Repair, Or Replacement?

Water heaters are a big investment, so it’s understandable you want to repair yours whenever possible. However, sometimes buying a new water heater will be the better option.

It may be time for a new hot water heater in Denver when:

  • You constantly have water heater trouble. Your water heater shouldn’t break down often. More than once a year or so, and it’s probably costing you too much in repairs.
  • Your current heater is over ten years old. Ten years is the expected lifespan for most new water heaters. Past that point, they are going to develop more maintenance problems, and also struggle to maintain energy efficiency.
  • Rusty water. If you ever see rust in your water, or it tastes metallic, that means there’s rust in the water tank – and it must be replaced. Rusty water is not safe!
  • Too little hot water. Even if the tank seems to initially provide hot water, if it runs out quickly, that’s typically a big sign of trouble with the water heater.

Frequent leaks. A leaky water heater is wasting water and power. That’s a double-whammy which may be costing you a lot of money.

Need to speak with a technician?

Manufactures recommend that you have your HVAC equipment installed by a quality professional and serviced annually to insure safe and proper operation.