Swamp Cooler Repair

Swamp Cooler Repairs in Denver

Swamp coolers are the “green” alternative to air conditioning. They use far less energy and, therefore, are less expensive to cool your house. They can save you up to 80 percent on running costs compared to refrigerated air conditioning, especially during the hot, dry summers in Denver, CO. A swamp cooler box may look like an air conditioning unit, but the inside is much simpler. A fan at one end of the box brings outside air into the box and passes it through a set of damp pads that are kept moist by a small pump. Evaporation from the pads cools the air, which is then blown inside the house cooling the space.

Instead of refrigerant gas, usually Freon, used by air conditioners, swamp coolers use a steady supply of water: generally, 3.5 to 10.5 gallons an hour for optimal cooling, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Freon emits greenhouse gases that are safe enough for your household, but Freon is not friendly to the environment and continues to be a growing concern as this gas depletes the earth’s ozone layer.

Like any household appliance or system, swamp coolers are not maintenance free. The water pads must be changed regularly to prevent mildew and mold from forming. Fans may need to be replaced, and pipes can corrode. Wires can loosen, break, and detach. The freezing cold temperatures in Denver, CO can damage the system if the water in the swamp pump freezes.

We recommend that you start with our free trip & diagnostic (with repairs or pay only $60 without repairs available between 8am – 4pm M-F).
This gets a technician to your house to determine the problem. Whether you need swamp cooler repairs or a new installation, Rabbit Heating is the trusted HVAC company in Denver.  Light commercial service available, call for rates.

After hours heating and ac service is available from 4pm – 8pm or on weekends/holidays is available with a minimum $175.00 service charge plus parts and repairs.

Once the service tech determines the problem you will receive a flat rate quote for the swamp cooler repairs.

If you don’t want the repairs made you pay only the applicable trip & diagnostic fee.

Senior Citizen customers 65 and over can request a 10% discount on repair parts.

Swamp Cooler Repair and Installation

Heating and AC Repair Company

Below are some flat rate prices for typical repairs to swamp coolers.

These prices are for residential standard parts and repairs. OEM, commercial and special-order parts may cost more and sometimes require shipping charges. The service technician will provide you with a firm quote, whether you need a swamp cooler repair or installation in your Denver home.

$150.00 (includes diagnostic)
Swamp Cooler Repair and Installation Denver

Simple Repairs

(no parts required)

When a diagnostic reveals a simple problem and no parts are required, for example loose wires, plugged water lines etc.

Swamp Cooler Repair Denver

Swamp Cooler Shut Down

Swamp coolers need to be shut down for the winter, this includes draining the pan, blowing out the supply water line and installing the cover that you provide.

$90.00 / $150.00 / $585.00
Swamp Cooler Repair

Replacement Pads

Swamp cooler pads also act as filters that will become plugged in as little as one season, others can go longer but should be replaced regularly as they will become moldy and cause bad odors. There are Aspen Snow Cool, DIAL Dura Cool and Breezeair high efficiency pads.

Prices for swamp cooler replacement pads are based on Aspen Snow Cool pads at $90 (plus start up fee), DIAL Dura Cool pads at $150 (plus start up fee), and Breezair high efficiency pads at $585 (plus start up fee).

Swamp Cooler Repair

Swamp Cooler Start Up

A swamp cooler start up is not just reconnecting the water line. Swamp coolers draw outside air through wet pads and will accumulate dirt, molds and other harmful agents in the reservoir pan, the pans should be cleaned of dirt and debris. Pads will also trap dirt, molds and can become plugged, they should be inspected and replaced when needed. The pump and distributors can become plugged and should be cleaned. The humidity produced by the system will corrode components, motor and blower bearings should be oiled. The water lines should be reconnected and inspected for leaks. The reservoir float should be adjusted. The belt and other components should be inspected for wear.

A basic start up includes the following:

Cleaning the reservoir pan, cleaning the distributors, oiling the motor bearings, oiling the blower bearings, reconnecting the water supply line and inspecting it for leaks, setting the reservior float, inspecting the pads, inspecting the belt and other components for wear. Pads and other components that may need replacing are extra.

Basic cooler start up fee $175.00

$585.00 (includes diagnostic)
Swamp Cooler Installation

Swamp Cooler Motor

This is the motor that blows the air through the vent, it is moisture tolerant designed for the systems. Manufacturer specification need to match such as horsepower and mounting design.

$285 (includes diagnostic)
Swamp Cooler Installation Denver

Pump Replacement

Often times, a swamp cooler replacement includes a pump replacement. This pumps the water from the reservoir through the distributors to the pads, manufacturer specifications such as voltage and capacity must match.

$325.00 / $425.00
AC Repair and Heating Denver

Control/Thermostat Replacement

The swamp cooler control can be a manual type that is either on or off. Also available are digital thermostats that you can set to a certain temperature and will cycle the cooler to maintain the temperature.

Swamp cooler repair and installation prices are based on Manual type at $325 (includes diagnostic) and Digital type at $425 (includes diagnostic).

Other Repairs

There are other failures that may require repairs not listed here, our heating and ac repair technicians, serving Denver and surrounding areas, will quote a fair flat rate price following our company guidelines.  You have the option to accept the repair quote or to pay only the diagnostic fee.

Signs your Swamp Cooler Needs Repairs

Signs that your swamp pump cooler is not working or not working properly usually includes decreased air flow. Check that the unit is plugged in and that power is getting to the unit. Check your breaker box to make sure the circuit is switched on. The pump may not be able to handle the additional electricity demands when other electrical appliances are running on the same circuit. In this case, the breaker will switch off to prevent damage. Make sure the intake screen on the pump is clear of debris and hard water sediment build up.

The fix can be as simple as a loose wire or as complex as corroded parts that need replaced. Sometimes a pump needs replacing, or a leak requires repair. Fans take on a heavy workload and may need to be replaced.

Experienced Heating and AC Repair Technicians

Rabbit Heating and Air professionals are experienced in swamp cooler repair and swamp cooler installation. We highly recommend you schedule an appointment for an annual checkup that will uncover emerging problems, so parts can be repaired before they need more extensive work, or you need a new swamp cooler installed. Your technician will check for mold and mildew, signs of corrosion and wear, and make sure each part is functioning smoothly and properly. Before the cold season approaches, be sure to have the unit in your home winterized to avoid damage caused by freezing water.

Rabbit Heating & Air is an A+BBB member serving the Denver, CO Metro area. We provide heating and cooling installations and repairs on all brands. Please contact our HVAC service and repair company with your questions, for an estimate, to schedule an installation or repair, or to learn more about the services we offer and pricing options. We look forward to serving you.

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