HVAC Maintenance to Keep your Equipment Safe and Efficient

Manufactures recommend that you schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system on average every year to insure safe and proper operation of your equipment.

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Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Denver

$99 Basic Furnace Safety Inspection and Cleaning

This Service Includes:
The routine maintenance recommended by manufacturers to insure safe and efficient furnace operation. We test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks at the furnace, we check the furnace components for proper operation and advise about components or conditions that may need attention, if all operates properly, we perform a fundamental furnace cleaning.

We offer a deep furnace cleaning service at an additional cost
For systems that require breakdown to the blower assembly, evaporator coil etc., in cases where dust and debris has bypassed the air filter.  The service technician will advise you if this service is necessary and quote the additional cost for furnace service and repair. 

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HVAC Maintenance Denver

Furnace Certification and Cleaning


  • This HVAC maintenance service is more often requested by Denver home inspectors when a home is being sold and they want a licensed HVAC contractor to determine if the furnace system is safe and operational. Furnaces that are certifiable and operating properly include a basic furnace cleaning. If your furnace is over 20 years old are not certifiable due to age.
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Furnace Inspection

Basic AC performance Inspection and Cleaning


  • Refrigerant extra if required.
    This air conditioning maintenance service delivers the routine and preventative maintenance recommended by manufacturers to insure proper operation and maximum AC efficiency. If our service tech determines that additional air conditioning repair is needed they will provide you with a quote for the additional service.
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HVAC Maintenance

Basic Evaporator Cooler Start-up


  • A basic start up includes cleaning the reservoir pan, cleaning the distributors, oiling the motor bearings, oiling the blower bearings, reconnecting the water supply line and inspecting it for leaks, setting the reservoir float, inspecting the pads, inspecting the belt and other components for wear. Pads and other components that may need replacing are extra.
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AC Service and Repair

Evaporative Cooler Shutdown


  • Swamp coolers need to be shut down for the winter, this includes draining the pan, blowing out the supply water line and installing the cover that you provide.

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Manufactures recommend that you schedule annual HVAC maintenance appointments and have your HVAC equipment installed by a quality professional to insure safe and proper operation.